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Miss Julie George
Thursday, July 07 2011 06:10 AM
Dear Sir/Madam,

a few months ago a man calling himself "Kevin Smith" called my mother claiming that she had won £17000 and in order for the money to be released to her she should send him some money. Over the course of 1/2 weeks this conman called my elderly mother and convinced her to send more money. He conned her out of £3000! and phoned again on 6th July 2011 asking for another £250. My sister managed to intercept the call as she was visiting my mother at the time and managed to speak to him at which time he was trying to tell her that he was calling from the Halifax bank. My sister then asked him some security questions which did indeed reveal that he was the same conman. We believe that the off liscence that my mother made these transactions are aslo involved in someway with this scam (UK Cash - Hersham high road). I would be grateful if you could contact me with the details of this organisation in order for me to take legal action and also to report them to Police - Fraud squad. Many thanks for your help
Miss George
Tim Reed
Monday, March 28 2011 04:57 PM
Company called Reclaim Expert stating that they are part of the Ministry of Justice and that they have reclaimed £3850 for me. Scam direct calling.

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