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Carolyn Webb
Saturday, June 08 2013 01:08 PM
continuous calls to my mobile which is x directory
muhammad abbasi
Wednesday, May 08 2013 08:52 AM
i had a phone call from this number T mobile. the person was very rude and demanding money for nothing. i have received numbers of calls.
james dalton
Monday, July 09 2012 09:27 AM
15 times daily harrassment!
Tuesday, April 12 2011 05:26 AM
Continuous phone calls have been arriving to my phone from this number. I have yet to answer it, because they never call for long enough, but I believe it to be a scam masquerading as t-mobile.

I don't think this is on; I'm on a day off and the last thing I want is hounding with phone calls from 7.30 in the morning.

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