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Tara complain on phone 01709 877 339
Friday, January 12 2018 02:56 PM
Pretended he was in Birmingham city centre and wanted to meet me but his phone number comes up in Rotherham. He asked if I was wearing sweaty socks and could he buy them. When I said No and I am not in Birmingham he put the phone down. Ewww!
Jimbob complain on phone 020 7691 1748
Friday, January 12 2018 12:14 PM
called 4 times today total silence !!
R.Pearman complain on phone 0113 232 4058
Thursday, January 11 2018 07:45 AM
Rang me stating that they were, either from Department of Works and Pensions (DWP)or Remploy or ringing me on their behalf, concerning my job, work hours and contract. I have contacted the DWP and Remploy and they have both stated that this number has nothing to with them.
Mr P V complain on phone 01245 364 199
Thursday, January 11 2018 05:24 AM
Claiming to be from a Microsoft Company calling re. computer
Sheena Bourn complain on phone 01323 720 529
Thursday, January 11 2018 05:15 AM
She claimed to be Open Reach about my internet, but I cannot call her back. She has an Indian accent.
10 am today 11 01 18
Phillip Adcock complain on phone 01799 500 619
Wednesday, January 10 2018 10:06 AM
This number repeatedly calls, but hangs up as soon as I answer
Rupert Kelly complain on phone 0161 211 1529
Wednesday, January 10 2018 08:42 AM
Nuisance phone call saying turning off internet unless press '1' Suspect scam.
Clifford Page complain on phone 020 3519 0197
Wednesday, January 10 2018 04:39 AM
Scammer.. Rung multiple times over a number of days, trying to obtain bank details. AVOID AND BLOCK.
M.D. Hibbs complain on phone 01922 413 792
Tuesday, January 09 2018 12:57 PM
Asian male claiming to represent Government requiring Bank details for alleged refund.
Victor complain on phone 01268 711 411
Tuesday, January 09 2018 12:12 PM
Stationary seller. Rambling a huge list of stationary items like a scene from monty python. Can’t get a word in edge ways

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