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t noy complain on phone 01322 821 655
Tuesday, September 26 2017 02:41 AM
scam email asking for money via payment of false invoice
Tabs complain on phone 01322 271 964
Tuesday, September 26 2017 01:25 AM
This is a spam number, sent via email, claiming to be from a hospital in Birmingham (according to the email address (presumably hacked) that it was sent from).
Melanie Anning complain on phone 075 31644208
Monday, September 25 2017 05:15 PM
This is a fraudulent text alleging a debut card has been used for an on-line APPLE purchase of £1749. Mine came from Nationwide, with whom I bank. I rang them directly rather than the number on the text.
Anthony James complain on phone 0121 326 7885
Monday, September 25 2017 02:04 PM
My grandparents received a phone call from this number last night stating that my grandparent was seen putting rubbish in a neighbour's bin this number corresponds to a business that is not on the same road that my nan lives on the guy was very abusive and threatening and when my grandparents said they were going to call the place that I hung up he seemed to be drunk and foreign
Kevin Colclough-Noble complain on phone 020 8086 6792
Monday, September 25 2017 01:55 PM
Random call asking if i was involved in an accident blah blah blah
M Roberts complain on phone 01267 226 577
Monday, September 25 2017 10:13 AM
silent when answered
olav van loon complain on phone 01707 653 056
Monday, September 25 2017 06:10 AM
been called by this company unwanted all the time
Karen complain on phone 077 61902323
Monday, September 25 2017 04:47 AM
I keep getting these calls, I never answer and they never leave a message. I called them back from another number and they answer Deal Direct, I got a text message from them on Sunday saying that they have a mortgage quote for me but directed the message to James!! Cold Call ... now blocked
Phil complain on phone 01923 545 484
Saturday, September 23 2017 11:04 AM
pest call prerecorded advert for plastic windows
ROBERT JONES complain on phone 020 3023 8926
Saturday, September 23 2017 08:02 AM
This number called me at 12-54 today and when I answered I was immediateky cut off.I wish to file a complaint.

I note this number is not in your list of 020-3023 numbers. Just curious why not?

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